One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Now I Know

What better way to learn than through experience? I have had a lot of moments of “oh crap. that’s wrong…”  but at least now I know. Each normal day here is a form of exploration and I am happy to say that I’ve accumulated quite a bit of knowledge on the Spanish culture.

Some examples:

  • You cannot touch the fruit in the grocery store.
  • No one bags your groceries for you.
  • They will not give you change for a fifty on the bus.
  • The floor you enter on in a building is zero. I live on the third floor. I put my key in the second floor door approximately once a day.
  • This one isn’t Spain specific but…make sure you get on the bus on the correct side of the street.
  • It’s not very appropriate to ask for a glass of tap water from a restaurant without ordering a different drink that costs money.
  • Yoga is not the same. It is much more challenging and concludes with chanting. (I actually liked it better though!)
  • When lighting the gas tank for hot water, always make sure you are turning the knob far enough. And after taking one cold shower, you should probably ask for clarification before taking another 4 freezing showers and assuming its not your incompetence.
  • If you order fried fish at a restaurant, expect it to come with scales, eyes and some bones.
  • Baking powder comes in teeny tiny sugar packets and is difficult to find.
  • People don’t know what oats are here. They were only found at El Corte Ingles and were confused for rice.
  • Milk and eggs have very lengthy expiration dates and are not refrigerated at the store.  I have yet to deduce how this can be so.
  • Although it is counter intuitive to the way things are in America, specialty stores are much cheaper than the one-stop shop.
  • Salad dressing is non-existent. Fantastic olive oil and salt is what is put on an ensalada.

There are so many more things, but this is the best I could come up with on the spot.

This past weekend, I had four days off because Tuesday was a holiday and I don’t work on Mondays. My friend Megan, who lives in Almeria, had a similar break so we took adventures together! I went to Almeria for 2 days and she came to Granada for 2 days.

In Almeria, we went to the beach, shopped, hit the discoteca, and ate the most fantastic Italian food ever. In Granada, we visited the Alhambra gardens, ate at my favorite kebab place, and watched You’ve Got Mail (it was raining). It was great long weekend! Pictures coming soon.

I am loving my job still, and have started tutoring for extra money. My first tutoring client needs help improving her English for her doctorate thesis on nanoparticles. Hmm….my general science 101 skills should come in handy? Let’s all cross our fingers that  I can be helpful.

Sending some love to you all today. My spirit misses the joys of Maryland and Virginia in the fall. Don’t take your pumpkins for granted, people!

xo Besos y Abrazos.


One response

  1. Brittany McDonald

    I love that list it made my boring day at work so much better 🙂 I’m going to email you this weekend I promise! Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time!

    October 13, 2010 at 4:33 pm

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