One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

I Cheated Death!

I, Annie Blewett, the world’s clumsiest human being, the girl who was not allowed to use a knife in her summer job, who has electrocuted herself, walked into doors and windows, tripped up stairs…went for a hike in the Sierra Nevada mountains without injuring myself! Not even a scrape. I might consider this a miracle.

In fact, this hike was one of the highlights of my time here so far. It was incredibly beautiful and I had some great company.

I walked across this suspended bridge! It was terrifying! But awesome!

My hiking friends...Ralph, Valerie, and Abbey

Monachil, the pueblo from which we hiked

The Mountains

My friend, Valerie, organized the whole hike, and she told me that it would be cold, so I dressed in layers…long sleeve tee, short sleeve tee, sweatshirt, spandex, jeans, tall stripey socks, and a hat and scarf in my backpack. I should have known better. Valerie is from Texas. Cold to her is 50 degrees. Upon arrival, I shed all of my layers with exception of my tee shirt and spandex.

We began our excursion in Monachil,  an amazing little pueblo 30 minutes outside of Granada where everyone seemed to travel by horse. There was a bar where tons of people were just sitting on their horses drinking cervezas. It was so strange, yet adorable.

I’m not lying to you when I tell you that I crawled under rocks, through caves, walked across several suspended bridges, and climbed up cliffs! It was exhilarating. We hiked for about 5 hours, and then stopped for a cerveza or two on our way back (only Spain would have bars on a hiking trail).  I can’t wait to go back again in the Spring.  My camera was dying on this excursion, so I don’t have the best action shots, but my friends are going to e-mail me their photos, and perhaps I can share them at another time.

Other highlights of the weekend included visiting the Granada cathedral and a tea shop with my new Spanish friend, Marta and going to a tribute concert to “Los Beatles” with some teachers from my school. It feels nice to settle in here.

Thinking of, and sending love to everyone in America today.

Besos y abrazos xo


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