One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Day Trippin’ to Guadix

Guadix (pronounced Gwa-deeks) is a town close by Granada known for its cave dwellings (that’s right…people build inside caves). Many of my friends teach in this town, but I had never been there. It’s got a beautiful view and a cave museum (which was closed…curse you, siesta!).

One of my best friends, Kelly, came to visit me in Spain, and we took this excursion together. Kelly is an amazing person. She’s incredibly unique, but we are able to relate on so many levels. I am so fortune to have this selfless, hilarious, and kind friend! Thanks for making it across the Atlantic to see me, Kell!

Since we were foiled by the fact that essentially everything we had planned was closed, we walked around Guadix and toured a cave home. It was actually kind of bizarre. It looked like a regular house, but it was in cave. The walls were painted and smooth. I feel awkward standing in someone’s bedroom, gawking at it, as if it were some sort of miracle that it were in a cave. Resourceful, sure…but quite anti-climactic. And I think the woman expected a Euro.

Photos for your enjoyment:

Cave District

Gaudix Cathedral

More posts on my adventures with Kelly pending…



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