One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Feliz San Valentin!

I was about to start explaining how Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday, but then I realized that I can’t give every holiday the qualifier of “favorite holiday.” It doesn’t make it special. So, instead, I’ll say this: I thoroughly enjoy Valentine’s Day because I love love. Many people get doom and gloom about this time of year, which is understandable if you are sans significant other…but I look at it as a opportunity to tell all of the people in my life how loved they are.  My family, my friends…they are the relationships I cherish most, and while Hallmark may be benefiting from me being a total sap, I still can’t pass up an opportunity to give a hug or say ‘I love you.’

Now that you know my sentiments on February 14th, you should also know, that so far it’s been kind of sub-par in Spain. Today I went for a conversation hour with one of my tutoring students and she told me that she saw on the news that a poll revealed that 87% of people did not plan on celebrating Valentine’s Day. Gees! So many love haters! Beyond that, it’s been a bit more difficult to distribute my annual Valentine’s Day Mix CD (this year is Vol. 5)  from across the pond, and I still haven’t gotten back to full capacity since getting the flu.

This morning, after deciding that I couldn’t take it anymore, I finally went to the doctor (shout-out to the wonderful Peter for accompanying me) and had the pleasure of explaining my symptoms with charades and getting prescribed lots of antibiotics. A relatively painless experience, all things considered.   Being sick away from home is such a bummer. I miss the luxury of having someone to take care of me, watch day-time television with me and to make me food, as cooking feels incredibly laborious when I am under the weather. While it does make me miss home, it also helps to serve as a reminder of how much love I’ve received in my times of need…from my mommy and from my dear friends…during mono….post-tonsillectomy…post-appendectomy…(my immune system is not the best).

So how will I be celebrating today? Well, I’ll be in bed, with a good rom-com, taking it easy and hoping to get back on my feet soon. I’ll also be sending lots of positive energy and spirit-hugs to my loved ones in the United States.



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