One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things. -Henry Miller

Mountain Climbin’

I was recently invited by some Spanish friends to go on a hike up a mountain called Sierra de Huétor. It was beautiful! My friend Peter and a new friend Amy came along too, and it was lovely to be one with nature. Naturally, my camera battery was dead, so I stole these pictures from other people.

Although I do quite a bit of walking around the city being sans-car and all, I was not properly in shape for a 10 km hike up and down a very steep mountain. The one thing that kept me from sitting on a rock and not moving, is that I have too much pride to be the weakling of the group (which I probably was, anyway). My drive to not look like an idiot really helped me conquer this trek.  It was a 7 hour excursion…from leaving Granada to the celebratory cerveza at the end. It’s funny because it was so warm that day in the city, but at the top of the mountain there was snow!

Hey, also, I’ll stop sucking (legitimately) at writing this blog. I’ll post a couple more times this week, and then I’ll be in EASTERN EUROPE! After which you can anticipate lots of pretty photos and good stories 🙂  Let’s all cross our fingers for no surprise strikes, delays, or general travel drama.



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